Adams value in dynasty?

What is Davante Adams trade value in a PPR super flex dynasty league? Two 1sts? Could I get three 1sts? Or should I hold onto him hoping he ends up in a good situation next year? I’m not contending this year.

I have him my dynasty league as well. If you can get 3 firsts and you’re in rebuild mode, that seems fine. Unless the Packer’s season completely crumbles from here on out, it’s at least a possibility that Rodgers and Adams comes back. If you trade him at a value that assumes they’re in Green Bay, then you’re trading him at best value without having to take the risk of him leaving.

One issue I’ve found with dynasty is having too many draft picks and middling players that just act as roster clogs. It would be nice to be able to consolidate some of that into a younger player (maybe like a Tee Higgins) and a pick instead of a bunch of random assets.

@draftwithfriends thanks! I was just offered a 1st and 2nd from 2022 and a 1st, 4th, and 5th from 2023 for Adams. Thoughts? Too many picks? Also, keep in mind that the team who offered it will most likely get the last pick, so the 2022 picks will be at the back of those rounds, and probably the same for the 2023 picks. They also have Marquise Brown. Should I try to add him into the mix?

I wouldn’t be particularly excited about the “only draft picks” offer. It definitely would make sense to get someone back that will be a future starter - just depends how much you believe in Marquise Brown.