Add Baldwin?

In a 10-team standard league and Doug Baldwin was just dropped and put on waivers. Worth stashing even though my bench would be short of playable WR’s? Was thinking of dropping Cobb for him but maybe drop Luck instead? Or hold off?

Current roster:

QB - Fitzpatrick
WR - Thielen / Hilton / Robinson
RB - Barkley / Fournette
TE - Kittle
Flex - Coleman
Bench - Yeldon / Cobb / Luck / Ingram

This looks/sounds like a relatively shallow league, which means you should have no problem finding a quarterback later. I would drop Luck for Baldwin in this scenario.


Definitely pick up Baldwin. In a ten team league with short benches streaming a QB should be a breeze

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@zdhaugen @swaters603 Thanks to you both!