Add Barber Drop Penny?

We have a limit on positions in my league so I must drop an RB to get an RB. 10 team 1/2pt PPR. My other RB’s are Kamara,Gordon,Lewis,Hyde. So should I drop Penny for Barber? I don’t really trust Carroll as much as he switches up RB’s and of course Carson being there. What say you footclan?

This is a close call for me. I’ve been driving the Barber hype train all off season, mostly cause I think ROJO is not a good RB. And now, it’s clear that Barber is running away with that job. However, you do have pretty decent depth there and I personally think Penny still wins out that job by mid season.

I’d rather have Penny but damn, that’s more of an emotional bet on myself, the smarter thing is to get Barber and play him in your flex in favorable matchups.

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Barber but only because of the Penny weight gain. That’s way to much IMO. Barber has a tough schedule early but I think he pushes through it ok and is still the starter.