Add Conner just to trade?

So he’s still sitting in the free agent pool right now in my standard 12 team league. I’m strong at RB - but i could use a bit of support in my WR core. Do i grab Conner purely to trade (i don’t usually like doing) with the Bell owner, assuming I’d drop Allison but who should i ask for? Mine and his rosters below, help appreciated? You can see he could end up being very very weak at RB if Bell actually sits for longer and McCoy gets suspended but i’d have to sell him on the line that Bell is out until week 10 (rumoured).

My RBs: Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Coleman, Kerryon, Latavius
My WRs: Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Allison, Stills

Bell owners RBs: Bell, McCoy, Mixon, Blount
Bell owners WRs: Allen, Hogan, Cobb, Doctson, Sanders, Gallup

If he was going to trade someone for him, don’t you think he’d have dropped someone for him?

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This. But maybe he’s one of those slow or inexperienced owners who isn’t paying attention like he should? It’s possible…

You’ve hit the nail on the head, he isn’t that experienced overall and i checked the activity log and he hasn’t been online in the league for a couple of days now. This is why he’s gone unnoticed in my view, there are other running back needy teams but not more so than this guy, especially if Bell sits for multiple weeks and even if McCoy doesn’t get suspended he’s not doing a lot week 1 anyway. Do i hold off and wait for the post week 1 panic instead when Bell and McCoy let him down?

I agree with @DFWB mentioning once on another post not to take advantage of weaker players so i don’t want to fleece the guy, especially pre week 1. We had an unlucky trade last year, went through the day before Watson went down and he gave up Wilson and Julio to me leaving him with no QB mid season and he ended up bottom by panic trading for a QB and he crippled his team - so he may be nervous.

Was thinking along the lines of Hogan? I could force the issue for Allen but i have Gordon, and while i don’t mind the stack but it seems unfair - it’s meant to be fun after all. He always responds to trade talk though and is getting better i just think he’s missed this and i saw the opportunity for some depth or better from his roster

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Ah…I see. In that case, I’d probably wind up shooting the dude a text and saying: “dude! You gotta pick up Conner! He’s LeVeon’s backup and he’s on waivers! Hurry!”

That kinda generosity goes a long way towards building strong leagues.


Yeah i think for the interest of keeping him interested I’ll do that and help him out. Thanks for the advice

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no. This is Breida and Alf all over again where people snagged them but not to use but to trade and any experienced owner is going to know that eventually you have to drop someone with low value so they’re not going to be stupid on a trade. Case in point i’m thin at WR in one league but the guy who hoarded all is totally going to have to drop 2-3 because he legit has 2 rbs. I’m not doing a trade because i can just wait for the drops.

Yeah it’s not the usual move and I decided against it as above the guy is pretty inexperienced and does make rash trades especially when in all likelihood he would have realised this on Sunday when setting his lineup and seen Bell was out. I’ve not bothered and just sticking with my WR’s and seeing what i have after week 1 and go from there.

I do agree it’s not a tactic i generally ever use but… as long as you can maintain some semblance of a balanced roster though i think it’s a good enough tactic to work. I don’t need to worry about QB/K/DST bye week cover for a while so i can hold an extra RB and just 4 WRs. Unless an injury happens sure but you can’t predict that. If hypothetically Bell came out and said i’m sitting until week 10 or something drastic like that or a trade happened or came back in week 1 and got hurt due to lack of conditioning holding Conner (in this scenario on the bench) has enough value to trade or just use myself at that point no? If there are no better options before week 1 on the wire then why not hold a guy like that, you either drop him and no harm done after the games for someone or you could have beaten everyone to the punch and have a guy with real value to use how you see fit. In my case he would be useful to help upgrade at WR but equally if one of my RBs i own went down i have a solution in hand as apposed to being on the backfoot and hitting the waivers.

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Honestly, I’d probably add Conner myself to hold. I think there’s a real chance he doesn’t report until week 10, when he has to to make sure his contract tolls toward FA.


I also think that he might wait until week 10. His o-line absolutely KILLED him in the press. It’s ugly.