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Add Dalton drop Fitz?


Hey everyone,

Was wondering who you guys think I should drop to pick up Andy Dalton (QB). I have Stafford on bye, and don’t want to drop him!

QB: Matt Stafford (ByE)
WR: Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis, Larry Fitzgerald, Marin Jones Jr. (Bye)
RB: TJ Yeldon, Jordan Howard, Tevin Coleman, Corey Clement, Matt Breida, Leonard Fournette (Doubtful)
TE: Trey Burton
Kicker: Empty
Defense: Baltimore

I’m 2-3 at the moment, so I would appreciate your help! I’m leaning on Fitzgerald/Corey Davis since I wanted to have Shepard in this week.


Davis or Fitz probably.


Try to trade fitz… its a Big name, maybe u can get something u need