Add drops by non playoff teams

alright foot clan, my league got into a HUGE blowout argument last night about add drops in playoff season. we are a dynastyish league. instead of a full on dynasty, we have contracts ranging in 1 year to 4 years. one of the members got PISSED because he thinks its completely unfair for non playoff teams to not be able to make add drops. here is where it gets tricky. because its contracts and not a legit dynasty, if you pick someone up now the only way to keep them for the next year is to franchise them. the problem is, because of one idiot who over payed on everything, most franchise contracts are going in the 30-40 million range. (we also go pretty much by exact NFL rules so we have high salary caps, we had 167 million to spend this year) that part only plays into it a little bit. main point is he made a huge stink about how its not fair at all, and my argument is, if you do an add drop of any kind it has to have the chance of being someone who could play. meaning, since we are in the playoffs we can add drop all we want because they can play this year. if you are a non playoff team and you see someone get hot you want for next year, you MUST franchise tag him because thats the only way that player could have an actual impact on a team. otherwise you are allowing teams to add drop players that a playoff team needs (IE carson wentz getting hurt) and screw that person over for no reason.

its complex and complicated because there is no completely fair way for this. what i want to know, is how many people agree with me, or have a better idea for it. because now this guy who is a pillar of our league wants to drop out because he is THAT pissed. (he also has a lot of home life stuff going on so its not like he is a dick, just high strung right now so we dont want him to go)

any ideas? thanks ahead of time!

My opinion on any league disagreement is this. If everyone started the year off and didn’t say anything about it before the league started then it is what it is. My league holds votes on things that pissed people off every year. We get together and have a simple yay or nay on all the BS or w.e. Majority wins. END OF STORY. Sounds like you guys need to communicate and do something of the same nature to solve disagreements. Votes before the season starts are crucial imo. You’re league sounds complicated so communication and agreement are key.

and i agree fully. and we do have votes about stuff like this. (its also a year one league so we are workign out the kinks as well) but the problem was no matter how many times i suggested just a straight up vote no one took the bait. because people on one side thought the otherside was such BS they didnt even want to think about it being that way. lol. it was insane! we have a league chat and i didnt look at it for like 15 min, i look again and we have over 500 messages. it was nuts! but yeah, the year one part does make a difference, because a lot of the rules were just like take it at face value, we will vote on things people dont like at end of season. well, and in season as well it just depended on the issue. i honestly think you are right though. league vote, thats what it is end of story.

It’s the only way to be fair. Fantasy isn’t politics. Quick yes or no on a topic a lot disagree with shouldn’t be a problem. First years are always tough and there will for sure be drama! Haha. It’ll all work out. If some people are that hard to deal with where they still conplain after the fact then maybe your league isn’t for them and they should find other options. Either way hope it all gets sorted man!