Add Fitzpatrick / Jackson / Cole?

Have Andrew Luck as my current QB and I have Randall Cobb and Michael Crabtree on my bench (other two spots I’m holding onto are T.J. Yeldon and Mark Ingram).

Would you drop any of those to add Ryan Fitzpatrick, DeSean Jackson or Keelan Cole? Or hold tight for now?

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Depends on rest of your squad.

I’d definitely prefer Cole and Jackson to crabtree. I prefer Cole the most out of the 3.

But you also have yeldon which makes it tricky.

I’m definitely not rostering 2 QBs though. If you want to drop luck for Fitzmagic this week as a stream, I wouldn’t fight you for it. I own luck though and am mostly keeping him for the most part and just playing him season long as I’ve been seeing enough improvement to like it.

I’d try and trade yeldon to the fournette owner in a 2 for 1 upgrade after and try and pick up Djax.

Probably would have been helpful to post the rest of my roster!

QB - Luck
WR - Thielen / Hilton / Robinson
RB - Barkley / Fournette
TE - Kittle
Flex - Coleman
Bench - Yeldon / Cobb / Crabtree / Ingram

10 team, standard league.

Okay so you can’t drop yeldon as a fournette owner, that would be stupid.

Really the only drop there I see is probably crabtree in favor of Cole or Jackson. Pick which ever you like more. This week, I think they’re both really good plays. Going forward, I like Cole a bit more.

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Much appreciated, thank you.