Add gilly... But for who?

Who would I drop for Mike gillislee? Or should I keep my current roster? Half point ppr
Rob Kelly
Keelan cole

I would drop Fat Rob

Rob Kelly if you feel you must, but idk i don’t feel like it’s worth it. You’re swapping backup RB for a temporary starter in Gilly. Brieda and cole are too valuable at this point, Brieda at works will get 40% of the work. Cole is the WR1.

I would keep Brieda as well. Him and Alf could be like Freeman/Coleman were in Shanahan’s offense when in Atlanta. Plus the ballers themselves seem to be pretty high on the potential of Brieda.

Drop Kelly for him.

The Saints brought Jonathan Williams up from the practice squad so he’ll be activated. I think that cuts into Gilly’s use to the point that it may not be worth picking him up.

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Keep your lineup. Gilly’s value has plummeted with the news of Williamns rejoining the team.

And it’s “Fit” Rob this year, everyone :slight_smile: