Add Ito Smith? Who to drop?

Ito Smith, RB ATL (bye) is on waivers. Pick him up, and if yes, which one should I drop: Yeldon, Hyde, Traquan Smith?

Thanks for the abundance of info :wink:

I would drop Tre’Quan Smith. But that is team dependent.

Out of curiosity are you carrying 2 TE or 2 QB?

Sorry, that was pretty sparse. Here’s my team: Goff, Chubb, Mostert (if Breida sits, otherwise Yeldon), Smith Shuster, Brown, Shepard, Lockett (3 WR league, plus a flex), McDonald, Fairbairn, ARI (4 IDPs). Bench: Fournette, Michel, Hyde, Tra’Quan Smith, Ryan. Two QBs this week (Ryan’s bye_), one TE.

I was actually being serious. Not sarcastic. Your comment “to Smith, RB ATL (bye) is on waivers.” was concise and full of detail. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the other detail too!