Add Murray drop Benjamin?

In a ppr league would you add Latavius Murray and drop Kelvin Benjamin?

if you need the RB i’d do it. I just dropped him in one league. Do i feel great about leaving him on waivers, no. Can i use him in the next 2 weeks, no he tore his meniscus. That’s like a 4-6 week injury (i’m guessing 6 given his other knee issues this season). He’s like a week 15 or 16 play at the soonest unfortunately, and even with that buffalo is TERRIBLE.

My other backs are Fournette, Kamara, and Dion Lewis. So I feel like adding Murray would give me solid depth.

My other Wr’s are Aj Green, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen and Funchess. So I’m set at WR

I’d do it. The way I always look at late season pushes is who do I need to secure a win, Murray could help you with that. Given my 4 WRs the way I see it is if i"m down to KB i’m probably effed and have just as good of a chance of chucking a dart at someone on waivers to pull out the win as I do using him.

Yeah that’s kinda the way I was leaning. Went ahead and put in the claim, hopefully I can land him. Thanks for the help bud!

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