Add Murray drop clement?

Need people’s opinion on a drop of clement and an add of murray half ppr. Listened to the show the other day and the guys said cook will probably be rested. Thoughts? My other running backs are kamara, howard, and Wilkins. Also other than kamara who would you start?

I’d drop Clement for Murray. I’ve already dropped Clement after Thursday night.

Murray should see decent volume early on and could very well end up being the goal line back all season.

I think Murray will finish with more fantasy points on the season, but not by much. And I also think that Clement has a higher ceiling.

Ajayi’s knee is famously unreliable and it’s clear that the Eagles kept him in bubble wrap for most of August because of that; but it’s also clear that they want to feed him the ball. That sounds like a recipe for some time on the injury report as the season wears on.

So it seems to me that Clement could be a nice keep long term. No need to hastily give up on him after one game.

In my opinion, I go with Murray. I get to nervous with the Philly backfield. Sproiles will always be there stealing touches… plus, how do you know when to start Clement? Dalvin Cook has injury history too

I’d do it. Clement may get better, esp if Ajayi’s usage continues to be low (don’t get distracted by his points, the numbers indicate he waaaay over-performed Thursday night). BUT, Clement can be dropped and will sit on waivers for awhile. Lat needs to be taken now.

Kamara and Howard would be my starters.