Add Singletary and drop Darwin Thompson?

Should I drop Darwin Thompson and add Devin Singletary after the recent McCoy news?

Don’t drop Darwin. Get Singletary if you can. But don’t drop Thompson


Well. Who would you drop?

Agee with @tom_dawson, don’t drop Darwin because Carlos Hyde just went to the Texans, so Darwin just moved up the depth chart at KC, which is a much better offense. Who is your QB1, since it looks like Josh Allen is your backup. That’s probably who I’d drop. If not him then probably Koke since he a) is hurt and gets hurt a lot and b) the Texans just added Kenny Stills.


Yea @MisterEd. My starter is Cam Newton and I agree about Keke Coutee. I think I’ll drop him. Thanks for the insight!

I take it back, Shady just signed with KC, so go ahead and drop Darwin for Devin.

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I was just thinking the same thing.

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Yea drop dawin he’s only got value if shady or Williams gets hurt.

the answer is drop Josh Allen if this is a single QB league. Literally no reason to have a backup QB. Especially if it’s allen.


@MikeMeUpp what about the bye week? I’ll end up having to drop someone then?

I disagree I think Allen has value, he is going to surprise people this year, as long as he realizes you don’t have to throw bombs every snap.

Streaming QBs in single QB leagues is too ez. Worry about the bye week once you get to it. For now, build the most depth and stacked roster you can at skilled position. And for the 1 week you need a streamer, find a team that’s playing an opposing bottom 5 defense that can put up points while playing at home. Plot them into the roster and you won’t miss much. Better than having Allen burn a hole in your roster for 5-6 weeks.