Added Chubb yesterday, add Duke, too? PPR

I own Hyde in this league as well. Would you drop Hyde for Duke Johnson as well and just secure the Cleveland backfield until it shakes out who is the RB to own? I’ve attempted moving Hyde but no ones taking. Curious to see what everyone here thinks. Thanks!

PPR Id rather have Duke. I have no idea what to think about Hyde at this point. He’s not playing this week, they have one week, a bye and then supposedly Fournette is going to be back? I’d rather have a the guy with the clear cut role on an up and coming offense.

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That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I have 5 offers out with Hyde. If none are accepted by 1 o’clock games tomorrow that’s what I’ll be doing. Thanks !

I would sit on Hyde. Everyone knew he would struggle early against those stout run D’s. Yeldon is also not healthy. I could see Hyde taking much of Yeldon’s work next week.

You think in a week he can learn a playbook and overtake a guy who’s performed well and been in that system for 3 years and then have to deal with Fournette after the bye?

Are you saying AP did not do well the following week after the Saints traded him?

Are you comparing TJ Yeldon to Andre Ellington? Was David Johnson coming back in 2 weeks? Was he traded on a Friday afternoon and needed to play in less than 2 days?

How are you comparing Hyde to AD?

It was Econo comparing him to AP, I was saying the comparison doesn’t make sense/hold water.