Adding and Dropping players in the playoffs

What are y’all’s thoughts on teams that are NOT in the playoffs snagging players on the waiver wire from the teams in the playoffs?

I was just thinking about this because I am in the championship game, have Odell and was looking to pick up a WR. Another team(my opponent’s brother) who is out of the playoffs, grabbed Robbie Anderson and CJ Anderson. Suspicious… to say the least.

My opponent is a favorite in the game and doesn’t need anyone. He has been picking anything up that he thought I would want to grab. That I understand. But, when people who have no bearing on the game start to grab people just to grab people… that’s where I question it.

Fair or not fair?

Side note: No money for most points or 2nd.3rd. place etc. Winner of the league takes all. It’s a redraft league. Can’t keep anyone.