Adding Handcuffs

Footclan, out of curiosity at what point in the season do you sacrifice some of your depth of RB (say mostly low tier 2 or flex potential options) in favor of a handcuff of a stud? For example, I have Kareem Hunt and Joe Mixon when would it be wise to add Spencer Ware and/or Gio Bernard? Does it depend on record (currently 4-4)? Love to hear some insight from others!

As a fellow Hunt owner I have rostered Ware all season because an injury to Hunt means Ware is a top 5 option, I don’t fell like Gio is a plug and play replacement for Mixon so would be less worried about holding him

Curious too, I am trying to decide if I should pick up a guy like Ware or keep my Broncos D and pick up a week 10 D for when Broncos are on Bye.

When Bernard started for Mixon weeks 3 & 4 he had games just like Mixon has. I have room for Ware for sure, just wondering if I should grab both.

my only concern would be burning 2 bench spots for handcuff players only and if I had to choose 1 or the other id prefer Ware for his upside if Hunt went down over Gio but im torn cause I feel like Mixon has the higher injury risk. if you can afford to stash them both then I would just depends on if you can navigate the bye weeks