Adding Superflex to a Keeper League

My league mates and I would like to add a superflex to our league. It’s a keeper league, in which you can keep 3 players at a draft cost 1 round ahead of where you drafted them in the previous year.

Any ideas on how to treat keeper quarterbacks if we add a superflex?

Patrick Mahomes becomes a first round pick in a superflex league. But under our current rules, he can be kept at a 6th round cost.


Have a vote and let everyone rank their preferences from first to worst and implement the highest scored preference is the best way to go.

The three choices I recommend;

  1. No QB keepers this year.
  2. QB keepers stay at their current value.
  3. QB keeper round prices are doubled, rounded down (6/7 round is a 3rd, 8/9 is a 4th, 10/11 is a 5th etc etc)