Adding teams, adjusting draft order


I’m in and 8 team league and this will be our second year and we will be adding 2 teams. We agreed the draft order would be the reverse of the previous season’s standings. How and where should we put the 2 new teams?
Thanks for any help.


Hey Brad!

I can see you doing a couple different things. One is to put them in the back of the draft order (1.09 and 1.10). You can do a random number generator and whatever number they get you would bump that person up one; so if new member #1 got number 4 in the generator, then whoever had the fourth pick would go to five, five to six and so on. Another option is to not do that draft style, and make it random entirely. You could do reverse order of the previous standings and have them choose their spot in the order, 8th place can choose 3rd overall, 7th place picks 10th overall, then have the last two new members get the other two spots; for all you know it could be the first two picks, it could be 1 and 10 or any combo.

I am a commissioner for my league and if I were in your spot I would put them towards the back and whoever agreed to joining the league first would get 1.09, or the reverse order of the standings and have them choose what draft number they want.

It is difficult to add two new teams to an existing league without ruffling feathers. If the league and the new owners are on board, I agree with placing them at the back of the draft (1.09/1.10) and they can draw straws for who gets which spot. I am assuming this is full redraft so there should be plenty of good players to go around.

If there is even a hint of an issue, and there are no keepers, I recommend starting a clean slate with a new random order. This keeps it level for all involved. Since this is only the second year, it’s easier to move on this way. I would not start over if this was an established league of over 2/3 seasons and there were kept players involved.

One last thought, if any draft spots were used as trade value, that will still need to be honored and then should default back to my original statement agreeing to move them to the end.