Adjusting Expectations: Jacobs and Kupp

Two players I’m trying to step back and think about ROS.

  1. Josh Jacobs. Stellar week 1, so-so 2-4. Hasn’t lost games for me, but nothing special. Think he turns it around? Gruden seems to like rotating backs frequently.
  2. Cooper Kupp. TD dependent, right? Yesterday was awful until his long TD. Hard to trust weekly consistency?

Trying to decide if I throw together a package for some trading in my league. My other RBs are Cook, Gibson, Moss, and Bell (only have to start 1). My other WRs are Ridley, Moore (who I’d love to trade), A. Cooper, Diontae Johnson, and MVS.

Thoughts on them ROS? Are you all holding them for high hopes? Or looking to upgrade?