ADP question

This will sound like a dumb question to some, BUT it’s an honest question……

Is there a ‘best’ source for current ADP?

It seems like each FF platform (espn, yahoo, nfl) has their own ‘ADP’ rankings based on how players are fed to you in drafts.

In other words, is there a more accurate resource out there that combines these platforms to create a singular list for ADP?

FantasyPros has a consensus of most of the major platforms, not counting sleeper, and Fantasy Football Calculator is a good resource.

Each site will be different since its own ADP is a reflection of the drafts on its own site. You can get a leg up on your league spotting the differences. My league uses Sleeper, and their ADP is all over the place because it doesn’t separate redraft from dynasty, and I use that to figure out where the best value can be found come draft day.

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Thanks Jeff. I appreciate the insight. I always hear Andy, Mike and Jason reference ADP for the players they’re discussing on the show and I wonder where they’re getting the info from. I play on yahoo and espn so it’ll be fun sorting that out. Thanks again

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I use Yahoo for my leagues and their default queue in the draft is based on “O-Rank” and not ADP (although you can sort by ADP). The O-Rank is based on projections from Rotowire and meant to be more up-to-date than ADP…Take Jonathan Taylor for example, his ADP is 8 but his O-Rank is 13.

Try some Mock draft on your platform to identify players that may be undervalued

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