Adrian Peterson or Doug Martin for Ajayi?

What do you guys think of that trade? One of the guys in my league needs a more dependable RB and I’m pretty stacked at the position but could always use extra firepower to play the matchups. Basically he’s given up on Ajayi at this point.

I would definitely take Ajayi over Peterson. Not sure about Martin though

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Martin has a consistent floor so it’s a toss up as to whether Ajayi will be better.

If he accepts Peterson definitely go that route, but honestly if I had Ajayi I wouldn’t trade him for Peterson. I would however trade him for Douggernaught and feel like I got a better deal.

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Yeah, I have enough wiggle room to let go of Martin and still have RBs to fill the slot in case Ajayi still falls short. My other RBs are Zeke, Shady, and Gurley. Plus I have Peterson and Alfred/DMC on the bench too.