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Adrian Peterson


How much faab should I drop on AP? I have $41 left out of $100 we got to start. Its a .5 ppr and my rbs are shady, zeke, duke johnson, tarik cohen, rob kelley, and marlon mack. So yeah how much faab should I spend on him and who should i drop for him if i should even pick him up at all?


I would be tempted to drop a lot because it looks like Zeke will be suspended and I would drop Mack. He is a great player but Gore never really gets hurt so I don’t see too much opportunity there.


how much of the $41 should I drop?


I would say 26-31 depending on how aggressive your league is. Even with Zeke in this week his future is very uncertain.


I would be aggressive. 25-31 sounds like a good number. Want to save some for streamers in the playoff. I am torn between dropping Cohen and Mack. I think Cohen has an okay floor ROS but Mack has a higher ceiling.


Yeah I think im gonna drop 31 to be safe. I forgot to put perine in with the rbs I had so I think im gonna drop perine for him. Thanks for the help!