Advancing to the Bowl! Winners share your stories

So I have a 127 pt lead over my matchup in the second game of rd 1 of the playoffs. My buddy still has Thielen tonight but even with our generous scoring system, HE’S TOAST!!

Man I stressed so much going into week 13 (1st week of the playoffs) as I’m a Fournette, Hunt and Gordon owner. I went with Ekeler, Ware and DJ in week 13 instead of Hunt , Gordon and Fournette and man did they all suck. I somehow managed to build a 63 pt lead off of the success of Mahomes, Kelce and AB , as his team went the other way and put up terrible totals (Luck, Golladay, Bears to name a few) .

I headed into week 14 beat up but feeling pretty good about my lead. Then Thursday comes and Fournette scores a dud of 5 pts and I start to get a little nervous. My friend has MT, Gurley, Rivers, James White, Thielen, all players, who when things go right, can have huge numbers. I’ve had pretty bad luck in FF so again, I’m not taking anything for granted with my lead and things just feel too familiar with the Hunt cut, the Fournette suspension and Gordon injury. In fact, I’m going over all the scenarios in which my opponent would climb back from his deficit to win and they seem destined to happen. Then, as soon as I’m starting to feel good about my chances (sometime Saturday afternoon) , I get the alert that OBJ is out of nowhere, not playing on Sunday. WTF!!?? Now I’m all but certain that I’m going to let this guy come back and beat me. BUT NOT THIS TIME!! I’M IN THE SUPERBOWL AND HE’S IN THE CONOSOLATION BRACKET!!!

Both of us had shitty weeks but he REALLY had a shitty week thanks to, Jordan Reed, Phil Rivers, James White, Kenny G, Todd Gurley and Allen Robinson to name a few. His top scorer may have been the Bears D hahaha. The Mahomes, Kelce, Hill stack did just enough for me to cruise to the 127 pt lead I have going into tonight. The KC stack has been so lethal for me and with Hunt, it got ridiculous sometimes. The week 14 matchup against Baltimore proved what I suspected, that Mahomes and his crew are matchup proof. What he’s done all year has made me (a lifetime Eagles fan) someone who will root for the Chiefs in the playoffs this year. Lots of amazing performances coming from that young man and his offense in the future. Plus I’d love to see BIG RED get a ring.

You guys are the only ones who can appreciate the trials and swings we endure as FF managers. This had been a tough stretch the last few weeks but if Gordon comes back and OBJ is good for the stretch NO ONE is beating me. I refuse to let the thought into my brain. Championship here I come!!

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