Advice and rank on my non PPR team

Rb-Fournette,Gordon,Royce Freeman,Carson,Penny

Free agents I want to grab - J.Wilkins,L.Blount,C.Clement,Kirk,Dede Westbrook,Ekeler,Conner,Edmonds,N.Chubb,C.Grant

What do you think of my team and how can I improve it ?

I think you went a little WR heavy in a non PPR league, but your team has a good core for the most part.

As far as improvement, personally I would keep an eye on your WR core over the next week or so, and look to flip some of them at some point and try and trade for a more elite wideout. If TJ Yeldon was on waivers, I would consider adding him and dropping Anthony Miller or Mahomes, so you have that handcuff for Fournette who’s been injury prone at times.

You think I went WR heavy?

I feel gordon,edleman and Davis are risks with high potential , Diggs injury history new qb and o scheme with good targets all around him ,Ross ,Miller and Willaims are fliers .

Just feel I didn’t have a true solid 3wrs .

Rbs I felt great with Gordon,LF,Royce,Carson/penny …

I am trying to pick up Connor at the moment of course lol , I can grab clement or Wilkins .

Probably dropping Miller .