Advice for 2 FLEX plays, 0.5 PPR

I’m 3-2 and playing the 5-0 team this week. 12 team 0.5 PPR, 2 FLEX… I need help for the flex plays now that Diontae Johnson is out.

Here’s my initial thoughts… I feel like I should be playing Gallup and praying for a HR game, but hes done poorly in the other times ive started him that I have no confidence in starting him, even more so now without Dak. I was thinking about flexing Edmonds as well, but am I crazy to play both Edmonds AND Drake in the same lineup? I figure they would collectively give me a RB1 play between the 2 of them lol. Obvioulsy my other 2 plays could be Shenault, who seems to have a bit safer floor and Deebo, who i dont want to play until I see some good games. Im afraid that I’m stuck playing Drake again this week. Need your insight here footclan! Need this win! My buddy who is 5-0 in our competitive league will never let me live it down…

QB: Tannehill
RB: Mixon
RB: Drake
WR: Adams
WR: Moore
TE: Fant (assuming he plays)
FLEX 1: Gallup
FLEX 2: Edmonds

Diontae Johnson (OUT)
Ebron (in case Fant is out)
Jacobs (bye)

I would like some insight on this footclan

Flex Shenault and Deebo

I think what you’ve got is fine. If Chark is inactive then consider Shenault