Advice for Creating a New League

Sup Footclan,

I am in a league with some co workers and our previous commissioner recently switched jobs and is no longer with the company. I am taking over the responsibilities of commissioner for this season, and while it is not my first time serving as commissioner, it is the first time I am a commissioner for a serious league. In the past we’ve had issues with owners not paying dues on times, acquisitions of collusion, deliberate tanking etc.

I have already removed all of the toxic members, and I am going to start this as a “new” league with many of the same members. While I know there is no way to completely eliminate all issues, in an effort to minimize these issues I have drafted a Charter for the Inaugural Season of the SoFlo Fantasy Football League. I was hoping some members of the Footclan could give me some feedback on the league format (12 team/PPR/6 PT QB TD/3 Keeper), the rules, and help me identify issues that I have not yet thought of.

Thanks in advance and if you like this charter feel free to take it for your own league!


The Hound
aka Sandor Clegane


Just wanna say that the document you attached…is amazing. Kudos!


Thanks for that! I decided it was important for everyone to understand the rules, and have a reference point in case any disputes come up mid-season.

Also if anyone is interested in the schedule I have an excel document that I could share too where I created it.

Yo Sandor,

I’d be interested in the excel schedule document!


Hey twoladel!

Here is the link to the Fantasy Football Schedule Excel Document. All you have to do is update the team names in the top right and the rest of the workbook should update.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to building the conditional formatting rules to change the colors of the cells, but I think its pretty visually appealing already. I created the schedule using Football Guys Schedule Maker Tool.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to use it!


First off, this is some serious effort so nice work. I’ll spend some more time looking through it to follow up with potential pitfalls - running a league of friends who like nothing more than to debate minutiae has shown me a lot of ways things can go sideways haha.

I’d really appreciate that Jared. I’ve shown this to a couple of the league members and they looked at me the way you’d expect a rational and sane person to look at someone who drafted a 13 page Charter for a Fantasy Football League in March and is posting it on a Fantasy Football Forum. A couple things that I have thought about adding are:

  • Creation of a waiting list to join the league
  • Dues being due 1 week prior to draft, and if you don’t pay by that point the first person from the waiting list takes your place no questions asked
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That look is all too familiar for me at this point hahaha

Didn’t have a chance to read the charter, but that in itself is the first step of being a great commish. Once I can read over it, I’ll give you any feedback I have. I’ve been an FF commish of multiple leagues for over 10 seasons and being the commish of the league is one of my favorite parts of fantasy football!

This is a fantastic document kudos to you and I plan to read more of your document. My Couch League that I have been Commissioner of is always looking to evolve. We started from full point PPR to half point PPR and now in our upcoming year five we are introducing auction draft format and a FAAB continuous free agency. I especially like the Auction style draft because we have 14 teams so we wanted to give every owner a chance at every player rather than the standard serpentine draft.

Another thing that makes it fun is building a world with your league. We have now have team logos, helmets, IG and a FB page that release a weekly insta-newsletter we call a Couch Chronicle.


love the newsletter idea. My keeper league that is going into it’s 7th year has a weekly review of all the head to head fantasy match-ups from that weekend. There are two “founders” of the league who alternate as the journalist in charge of said review.


@twoladel thank you! It really does add another dynamic to the whole league.

omg… Baddest of A** documents I’ve Seen. I hope it is okay to steal a couple ideas from this. I really love everything about this.

PS what is MoV stand for?

@sandor_clegane it looks good but the only issue is that it’s super wordy. I recommend cutting provisions down to bullet points/sub bullet points that are easily digestible. This’ll make it more likely people actually read and understand the rules. I’ve got a few templates in that vein floating around it you want to look.

Sorry for the late response, but it stands for Margin of Victory