Advice for fantasy!

Should I make any changes to my team. I am new at fantasy and I’m currently sitting at 3-0. I don’t know if I should make any trades or just leave my team a lone. If you guys have any trade suggestions please!!! let me know thanks:smile:
Marcus Mariota
Carson Wentz

Tyreek Hill
Dez Bryant
Adam Theilen/T. Pryor

J. Conner


It all depends on your league format. How many teams, standard, PPR, etc. Hard to say without a lot of info but if you’re 3-0 I would sit tight for now. The only thing that jumps out at me is only roster 1 TE. You can find a guy like Engram or Brate on the waiver wire any given week.

ok and sorry it is a standard 10 man league with 3 wr and 2 rb play each week no flex