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Advice for improving my team?


Aside from losing to the Kareem Hunt owner in week 1, my team has mostly been pretty dominant BUT there is a clear issue - QB…

QB - Newton, Wentz
RB - Freeman, Hyde, Cohen, Martin, Charles
WR - Nelson, Jeffery, Parker, Jones Jr. Moncrief
TE - Ertz
K - Bryant
DST - Arizona

May be a long shot, but the Rodgers and Brady owners are real weak on RB. Brady owner (1-2) lost David Johnson and so is rolling Crowell, Forte, and…Lacy. Rodgers owner (0-3) has Murray, Coleman, and Chris Johnson (just lost Sproles).

Would offering say Newton/Wentz and Hyde work to get Rodgers/Brady here? Thoughts on Martin putting up similar points to Hyde?


You could toss it out there and see what happens can’t hurt, but you should consider streaming QB’s weekly I’d drop Newton and stream according to matchup dropping newton might be hasty but the weapons in Carolina are dwindling if its a 1QB league


Would you bother streaming (e.g., Cutler, Bortles, Watson) or just roll Wentz?


This Week shrugs Idk Wentz is playing chargers they’re pass rush is craaaazy plus they have one really good corner i think idk man thats a tough one

I’d go Palmer maybe even Goff if i was streaming espn doesn’t like him but he hits gurley in the red zone often its a gamble but

whether to go wentz or stream this week i can’t call it right now