Advice for more Boom in week 2

With CMC getting held up, my week 2 isn’t looking so good. Who would you play to try to pull off the win?

RB - pick 2 - Michel, Fournette, Jacobs
WR - pick 2 - Anderson, Fuller, Jones Jr, Metcalf
TE - pick 1 - Walker, Waller

Standard scoring

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I currently have Michel and Fourette in…but not feeling super secure with Michel. Pats should roll MIA, but they could go easy with Michel or just continue to target Burkhead - saw a report that White may not have travelled with the team?

This feels like a crapshoot - currently have Fuller and Metcalf in…

Have Walker in, but this also feels like a coin flip

If you’re going for boom play Michel. I’d pair him with Jacobs.
Definitely play Fuller. Next up for upside would be Anderson. Don’t like his situation this week but it only takes one play for him.
And Waller 100%


Just my personal opinion

SOny Michel will have a big game I think, unless Burkhead plays a lot. Jacobs plays against the chiefs defense so you have to play him. Waller against KC too. Will FUller is a must play , AJ Bouye is not playing for the jags.

For More Boom potential, I would go the following:
RB-Michel and Fournette
WR-Fuller, Metcalf(though I’m struggling on whether to start Jones Jr myself cuz I think he’s a sleeper breakout this week)
TE-Walker, huge upside against INDY. After this week though, it’s waller waller waller.

Looks like you drafted really well. I got screwed by CMC as well, but your team looks solid. Good Luck. Post on Tuesday if you won!

Thanks everyone for the input - thinking right now the decisions are:
Fournette or Jacobs
Anderson or Metcalf…I get Anderson’s big play potential, but also playing with the backup QB is worrisome…feels like Metcalf could have both that safer floor AND upside