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Advice for Startup Dynasty


Our 10 person league is moving to a Dynasty League. Knowing this was the case, last year I made a lot of moves to acquire a few extra picks in the draft. With that being said, I was hoping for some opinions on what I should look to add to my team early, I feel like I have a lot of choices.
Round 1- 0.6, 0.9, 1.0
Round 2- 1.5
Round 3- 2.6 and 2.9
Round 4- 3.5 and 3.9
So, 8 picks in the first 4 rounds. What would you look to target early or how should I build this team. I want to win now!
10 man league 1/2 ppr, .25 per carry
2 qb
Appreciate the tips!


Are you keeping your team from last year and these are rookie picks? Or are you guys picking whole new teams?


Whole new team!


You’re team is going to be grossly powerful lol

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since it’s a 2QB dynasty league i would probably target a top RB, WR, Mahomes, Kelce/Ertz/Kittle early and then grab another great QB (watson/rodgers/mayfield/luck) RBs WRs and 1 flex with the other early 4 picks. then your filling your last flex and bench spots after that. Make sure you get 3 quality qbs at a minimum. 4-5 starting QBs is ideal because it give you trade bait in this type of league. but the 4th or 5th QBs dont need to be high end (Rosen/Dalton/Carr etc.) or can be rookies if need be (i probably wouldnt target any rookie qbs other then maybe Kyler Murray)


Please update us after your draft and tell us how it goes. Your team should be stacked with all those 1st rounders.

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Seriously, I want to see the child that this orgy of 1st round picks will yield.