Advice for TE

Full PPR. I currently have Trey Burton who hasn’t really done much.

Jared Cook, O.J. Howard and George Kiddle are all on my waiver wire.

Just looking for opinions if you’d keep or drop him for one of the others.

I would probably hold Kittle as well, and wait to see which one is more consistent. Thats my opinion.

I’d rather have Kittle tbh. Even over Burton. Especially in PPR.

I’d def grab Kittle and not hesitate to drop Burton for him. If you can hold onto two of them without sacrificing anything else whatsoever, then that could help you in a trade before Week 4, potentially. TE are in very short supply this season and quickly falling still. I’d want to own Kittle and Burton in that scenario. But again to answer your q, I’d drop Burton for Kittle.

Thanks guys I went with Kittle and it seems like its the better choice