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Advice For The Rest of Season


So I’m 0-3 and my team has been bad this year. What should I do to try and improve my roster? Should I try and trade some of my depth for a number 1 receiver or should one of my two starting running backs? Here is my roster:
QB: Cousins (streaming, picked him up for this week)
RB: Ajayi, Zeke, Carson, West, Kelley
WR: Hill, Pryor, Garcon, Cobb, Higgins, Jeffery
TE: Rudolph (probably will start streaming)
Thanks for the help guys and any advice would be appreciated.


Package Ajayi and Pryor for a top end WR would be my advice. Might be able to get Thomas.


What about Jordy or Julio?


Good luck.


Well he’s really the only guy in my league that doesn’t have two start able running backs.