Advice... idk what to do

I’m in need of a WR have Adams Gordon Keelan Cole and Godwin… my league roast me for trying to make trades because everyone in my league hates doing trades and I’m trying not to make a trade to avoid having to hear them talk trash. Should I just try making a trade or wait on it. Looking at Brandon Cooks as a target.

This doesn’t sound like a very fun league to be in if they roast you for just attempting to trade…? That is part of the game, and to me they should be the ones getting roasted for never trading.

I honestly don’t know what you could do if no one is willing to trade/negotiate with you, aside from finding a new league. Just scour the waiver wire is your next best bet.

That being said, while not the greatest WR group, they certainly have potential to do well for you.


I agree with tlp27. Sucks for your league that doe snot encourage in trades, but it wont be too long when someone gets injured or doe snot perform as expected and then they will looking to trade. Hang in there what you have as your WR roster does not look too bad. Adams and Gordon are good for now…

I’m in a similar boat, my league always takes a few weeks to get trades moving aside from myself and another 3/4 guys the other 7 are the ‘I’ve drafted the best team ever and will ride them all the way to championship’ (spoiler they don’t and never have lol) they’re also very cagey after week 1 especially with guys that massively over preform and assume that will be a weekly occurrence etc. So i feel your pain as weeks 1-4 are the best weeks in my view for waivers, trades taking advantage of a tilt etc its half the fun!

I’m just scoring the wire and like the guys say sooner or later guys will start to get hurt and start to under perform and they will be open to trades. Until then your guys will be fine to get you by and have enough upside to be pretty decent weekly options in their own right

I’m pretty good on RBs that’s why I was looking to trade for a WR
I have AP Kamara Hyde Dion Lewis and Lynch

That’s why I’m in another league where everyone seems to enjoy the trading which is cool