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Advice moving forward! Auction PPR 12-team


sup footclan,

My league just had an auction draft and we were allowed 1 keeper. I decided to not take a keeper since I ended the season with a garbage team (loser of the league had to run a marathon and I was doing everything I could to not have to run that thing). So this year, I studied up, came up with a strategy…and players were going for like 70-80 bones. I understand there is keeper inflation but there shouldn’t have been a 15-20 dollar swing on each player in the top teir?

Anyway, I need help. Bad. Fortunately I have a very safe team (no marathon for me) but I need to make some moves to get that #footclantitle. I got all of these players for great value, but I don’t have anyone on the roster that can single handedly win a week for me. Thoughts?

L. Miller
D. Woodhead
L. Fitzgerald
J. Edelman
E. Ebron
M. Crabtree

M. Gillislee
M. Bryant
T. Riddick
S. Diggs
T. West
J. Ross