ADVICE NEEDED: Thompson/Mixon for Ajayi/Abdullah

I’ve been offered the following trade listed in the subject. I would be receiving Ajayai/Abdullah. I’m in a half ppr 2 QB 2 flex league. My current starting line up is:
Tyrod/Dalton/Big Ben

I also have Rodgers and Woodhead hopefully coming back from IR.

I’m leaning towards accepting because I think Ajayi has huge potential end of year and towards playoffs. Plus, I think Thompson will drop off.


Please Footclan! I really can’t decide on this one. Any advice would be appreciated…

To me Abdullah is just a warm body in that trade… He is not a RB2 anymore.

Given thats the case. Would you give up Thompson and Mixon for Ajayi?

I think Mixon is only really performing as a “warm body” this year as well… there is a lot of duds in this trade but I think Ajayi could be great in Philly. It’s a risk obviously as it’s unproven.

Love Ajayi after these next two weeks (Denver and Bye). But, no probably not worth that much given that he’s useless for the next two weeks.

My question is… does Mixon still have upside? And, isn’t Thompson going to slide hard to end the year?