Advice Now That Ertz is Out

I have to scramble now that Zach Ertz is out. Do you think it’d be better to play Vernon Davis against Seattle or pick up Trey Burton to play the Broncos? Thanks!

Vernon Davis

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I was in the same situation I picked up Davis

Same situation, but Davis not available. Best available on waivers are Burton and kroft.

Burton vs. DEN? OR
Tomb Raider @ JAX?

I just took a shot and dropped Kroft for Burton…somebody in Philly has to move the ball, right??

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You would think so!. And the WRs and Rb’s aren’t terribly likely to do so with the poor matchups.

Burton vs. Kroft is tough. Jacksonville is historically weak against the tight end. I still might lean Burton over Kroft because it’s hard to trust Dalton against Jacksonville’s pass rush.


I agree and had that same thought myself. myself the fact that I’m playing JAX as my DST pushed me toward Burton as well. Just fired him up!

That was part of my thought too. With all the good options taken, I think Burton will get you by this week.