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Advice on a couple of trades


I have had 2 offers and wondered what you’d make of them. I’m 3-1 in a 0.5PPR 8 man league.
My team is
QB stream
Rb hunt Freeman Montgomery Fournette martin
Wr evans crabtree Cooper Bryant Fitzgerald theilen
Te graham

  1. Fournette for Kamara and Baldwin.

  2. Freeman Graham and crabtree/cooper/fitz for Antonio brown and Jay ajayi

What do you reckon Clan?


Anyone able to help?


I would ldo the first one if you are going to do any of them. I like balwin but he is BOOM or bust and kamara had a great game…I would do 1


You deff should look to trade some RB’s for WR… you are loaded at the RB position. Looking at both of those trades I feel like you can get more for them… the first trade is okay but again I think you can get a better WR. the second trade I would not give up graham if you don’t have a good backup TE (if you can pick up clay from the waiver) i would than do the second trade.


I like the second one, and I would trade jimmy freeman and cooper. Who is his TE? I may be interested in acquiring his TE as well. Freeman is an awesome player but AB could help you out at wr a lot, and it seems like you will be benching a starting RB at all times if you don’t do the trades.

As for the first trade, I think you could get more value for Fournette than those two guys. But that’s just my gut.


The guys TE is J. James from Steelers. Clay is taken only options are jared cook Hunter Henry or v. Davis. Slim pickings as it has been for TE all year