Advice on a Melvin gordon trade

So I am looking at trading Melvin gordon to upgrade my team

My current team is follows
QB Mitch and rivers
RB K Johnson, Chubb, M Gordon, Breida, Marlon Mack
WR Diggs Gordon Baldwin Keke couttee and g Allison
TE Burton

Looking at trading Gordon in these two secanrios but am debating whether it’s fair on either end

First option:
I would trade away Gordon and diggs Burton for ertz, and theilan.

2nd option
Gordon Chubb and Burton for theilan and ertz


I don’t like either. Gordon has similar value to Theilan. Sure, Theilan has been amazing, but RBs are higher value and Gordon is a TD machine. When you see these players as similar value, you have to hate trading Diggs + Burton or Chubb + Burton for Ertz. If you really want Theilan, just offer up a 1 for 1 for Gordon.

True but I am also trying to upgrade my TE to a more consistent one. I was trying to devise a fair way to do that as well

I wouldn’t trade Gordon for much honestly. He is a workhorse. Your RB core is solid with Mack playing well, but with that said I would trade Mack if you wanted to trade. 2 huge games in a row and it’s his bye week. You still have good options. Your WR are solid too. I would let it ride as I think your team is solid personally. Maybe drop Mitch for Fitzmagic

Yeah that part is true but with my RB stock I’m trying to get a improvement at wr and TE. I agree on the work horse which makes it difficult ha.