Advice on a!

I’ve been offered the following trade in a 12 team .5ppr league and I’m looking for advice

I give away: Chris Carson and Evan Engram

I receive: Tyreek Hill, Philip Lindsay (can be kept next year for a 13th round pick) and AJ Green

My roster:
QB: Mahomes and Allen
WRs: Julio, Emmanuel Sanders, McLaurin, Mike Williams, Lazard
RBs: Carson, Montgomery, Damien Williams
TEs: Engram, Waller, and Herndon

I obviously lack RBs so giving away Carson hurts, but I think I’m getting the better side…looking for feedback! ThNk you!

Holy Crap, DO NOT do this trade. This trade is gross gross gross. Please don’t trade your RB1. I’d send a counter offer of Engram for Lindsay and AJ Green.

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The only way I would consider trading Carson is if I were going to turn around and look to use Julio or Hill paired with Montgomery or Williams to get a RB like MCCaffrey or Dalvin Cook or possibly even Lev Bell with his upcoming schedule.

If I knew for certain that I could turn around and trade Jones and Montgomery to the Lev Bell owner, I would definitely make the Hill, Lindsey, Green trade.