Advice on a trade

in a full ppr 2 RB 3 WR and 1W/R flex I was offered landry and howard for Davente Adams D. Henry (who I picked up yesterday) and Hyde. This trade will make my team look like Wentz and Winston at QB. Freeman Fournette, Horward and smallwood as my RBs. Jordy Landry Fuller Sanders Pryor Bryant and agholor as my WRs.

I would take that trade, only problem I see is deciding which rb to start

I know im already starting freeman and fournette and hyde at my flex but Im thinking more for landrys targets and howards touches

Landry definitely gets the targets, with Adams you’re mainly looking for touchdowns. I think it makes your team much better taking that trade.

thanks thats the reassurance I needed

No problem!

I’m in a standard league and was wondering if I should trade Jarvis Landry for Chris Hogan

Im from Boston and when it comes to FF Im not a homer I just looked both of them over and to be honest the yards are only 30 less for landry but he already had his bye and hogan does have 3 more TDs and a way better QB around here no one trades pats players…either way they are the number ones on their team but you can look at it 2 ways hogan has brady but Miami will probably pass more later on in the season so its a tough one

It’s a tough decision, but I feel like there’s more opportunity for hogan to shine because of Brady. Cutty is inconsistant to say the least. Thanks for advice though!

no problem any time