Advice on Cooper trades

I’m looking at trading for Amari cooper since I have some depth at wr. It is a ppr league and I currently have Mike Evans, A.J. Green, garçon, Emmanuel Sanders, and I picked up Demaryius Thomas (someone dropped him). The Cooper owner is asking for sanders. With 2 receivers from Denver i thought it might be good to trade one of them away anyways. Looking for some input on it :+1:t2:

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Paying Manny for Coop seems like a high price at this point, straight up. Denver is now past their bye and Oakland still has theirs coming up so you will also lose a week. Your paying performance for pedigree. If I were making this trade, I would be looking for a potential RB ad from them to go along with Coop, otherwise, I don’t see where your advantage is. Even if Coop turns 180, his upside isn’t really impacting your core. With your depth at WR, I would also consider packaging Manny or DT with Pierre and trade up. Carr’s health is also a big concern and gamble. I just don’t see you really gaining anything going after Cooper. Good Luck to you.

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I was initially leaning good trade, but after scottlarner’s reply…he has a good point, and I wouldn’t do the trade.

I like the point you made with all of that. I’m liking the idea of packaging a couple receivers for an upgrade. Thanks for the help guys :+1:t2: