Advice on how to improve my team

QB- Ben Roethlisberger

RB-Leonard Fournette

RB-Christian McCaffery

WR- Antonio Brown

WR- Chris Hogan

WR- Corey Davis

TE: Zach Ertz

Flex: Lamar Miller

Flex: Randall Cobb

DST: Baltimore

K: Jake Elliot

Bench: Kerryon Johnson, Kenny Stills, Mike Williams, John Brown, Peyton Barber, Christian Kirk, James White, Phillip Rivers

I would try to shop Hogan before the season starts and take advantage of the high expectations while edelman is suspended. I see there being too many mouths to feed once Edelman gets back. Gronk, Edelman, Burkhead/Michel.

Who should I target and what kind of package would you put together to get that target?

Truthfully I think your team is pretty stout. I am assuming its a 8 or 10 man league? But your bench and starters all look great. You have a good TE, solid RB core, the the mix of WRs you have should get you some solid weeks. I would wait and see how the first couple weeks shake out before trying to alter your team drasticly

Thanks for the advice. It’s a 10 team league. I don’t intend on altering too much but I am just trying to upgrade certain positions. One guy in this league just lost Marquise Lee and his RB2 is Rashad Penny so I just offered Hogan, Lamar Miller, and Peyton Barber for his Julio Jones.

Julio is probably unattainable unless you give up a more quality player. But I’m with the majority, your team looks great! Hogan would probably be the only piece I’d try to move. Pairing him wa th a back may get you and T.Y. or Fitz.

Do you think Hogan and Miller for TY Hilton, Larry Fitz, or Amari Cooper?

I think that’s very possible!

Do you think it’s good value on my end or am I giving too much? Miller is boring but he should be a three down back with Foreman being out.

T.Y. and Fitz are for sure #1’s. Idk what you’re going to get from Hogan or Miller. You still have Barber, who I’m really high on. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had better or similar numbers to Miller.