Advice on keeper

Hey all,

So I joined my first keeper league last season, it was 2 keepers and you have to take them 1 round earlier the next season. The winner had his rule change which puts the keeper down to 1 player, which ruined my proposed keepers for this season. So basically, the 2 guys i have narrowed down and which round i would have to take them are:

ezekiel elliott in the 1st
julian edelman in the 13th

My original plan last season I drafted edelman last round and immediately put him on IR, so i could draft a top 30 player for this season. But now im only allowed 1 keeper, so my plan is if i get a late draft pick (9-12) taking zeke would be better as hes generally top 5, but if im early in the draft, take edelmen just for the fact its my 2nd last pick overall and best value.


Keep Zeke… he’s firmly entrenched in the highest tier of fantasy players.

Edelman is not only missing 4 games, but he’s 32 years old, coming off a major knee injury, and hasn’t played football in a game in over a year. Expecting him to be anywhere near what he was prior to that injury is a bit insane I’d argue. All I keep hearing out of the local media here in New England is that he’s frustrated with his own performance in camp - it’s going to be touch and go for Edelman until midway through the season at BEST.