Advice on my roster

12 team 1/2 PPR…
QB: Tannehill, Fields
RB: Ekeler, Gus Edwards, Henderson, Lat Murray
WR: CeeDee, Godwin, Deebo, Corey Davis, Michael Pittman, Agholor
TE: Kelce

Im feeling pretty confident, rb could probably use a little work but Im thinking they should be fine for at least the first few weeks. What are your thoughts?

Murray’s the #3 RB for the Saints now, so yeah, your RBs are running a little thin–especially since Ekeler is barely a RB1 in a full PPR league; in a half-PPR he’s probly only a RB2–so you don’t really have a true RB1 for this size and type of league. This is probly because you picked Kelce instead of one. Edwards and Henderson were decent recovery picks, though.

CeeDee and Godwin should be strong, but if you have to start 3, you kind of petered out after them. This is probly because you picked Kelce in the first and the WR pool dried up before you could get a third solid. Davis should be pretty close, though.

No real reason to roster Fields either, but you have Murray to drop first.

And of course Kelce, the prize that cost you a RB1 and a WR3.


I think you’re fine at RB. Having a solid #3 RB is better than having more quantity of that position. Even if you had drafted 7 RB’s most of them you’d end up dropping you picked up in later rounds, but Henderson should be solid.

Looks pretty good to me for a Kelce team. Murray is the piece you can toss when you need and extra d or kicker or want to make a waiver splash.

Tannehill is a good late round starter and Fields has upside so is a good stash

WR are a pretty strong group I think.

I like it.