Advice on my team?


Wrs-C.Davis.T.Lockett, J Gordon
Rbs-D.Lewis, Breida, C.Thompson,J.wIlliams(GB),

Also dropping grant (Indy) for either James White,Gio Bernard or I could grab Buck Allen, Callaway or L.Murray.

LGS RULES- PPR no flex 2rb 3wr
There’s also the bill m.murphy at rb I can add or Rojones(tamp as rook rb),Clement.Richard(oak),Ty Montgomery .theo Riddick .

Ted Gin,Garçon,Richardson,Ridley,Moore,DeDe are available at WR .

Not a bad team if you could flex a RB. If you end up getting geo i would try to bundle him and another one of your RBs or maybe even josh gordan and try to upgrade your second RB slot or your third WR slot. It seems to me this is a smaller league so trading may be harder. I would see if the bell owner or the mixon owner or maybe the Mckinnion owner needs another option at their second RB slot and try to get a decent WR out of the deal. You for sure have the depth at RB to make some trades though.

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There’s no flex just 2rbs 3wrs and the 1qb,1te1d,1k

We drafted the day of the season starting game so no one had McKinnon .

The Freeman owner also owns Howard and LBell lol he’s got Eckler.Howard,Sanders,Watkins.Woods starting with ARod,Freeman,Cobb,Cooper,Chubb on his bench

The Mixon owner has first choice waivers so might grab Gio and I’ll get white or whoever I choose .

Mixon owners 0-2 with Ajayi , Julio,DHop,Engram,Ingram,Wentz,Marvin Jones,Cohen,Doctson,Hurns,Mack … Hmm

Any ideas?