Advice on offer

.5 ppr - Id give away Hunter, Golladay, White for Mack and JuJu.

Rbs- CMC, Lindsay, Breida, McCoy
WRs- Godwin, Djax, Crowder
TE- Andrews
Very tempting with Mack but my wr core would take a hit but my rb would rock solid. Its always hard to come by someone like Mack. Thoughts?

Tbh I wouldn’t. If they are in need of a TE make them pay for it. Golladay should be good RoS. Stafford is having a great year when it comes to efficiency. Having JuJu is just not trustworthy as of now. People will pay for a TE. Just let it be known that he’s available and go towards the week teams with good RB1s and offer Hunter Henry plus Lindsay or Brieda for a Mack, Lev Bell, Fournette type of RB

Mack isn’t enough to make me want to part with Golladay for Juju


What if I counter with Mack/Williams for Lindsay/Crowder/Henry? The Colts schedule looks great going forward.

Mike Williams that is.