Advice on picking 4th

I was handed the 4th pick in this year’s draft and have been going back and forth on who to pick. I had hoped the Zeke drama would have been dealt with by now so there would be a fairly clear option of taking one of the top 4 (Barkley, Kamara, CMC, and Zeke). I am feeling hesitant to grab DJ so, w/ the Zeke issue still ongoing, who would you target at this position?

Would you take Chubb over Hopkins? Roll the dice on Zeke?

Draft is still a few days away so there is still time for things to clear up…

1 QB / 2 WR / 2 RB / 1 TE / 1 Flex - Standard Scoring

I drafted 4th and decided to roll the dice with Zeke and take Tony Pollard in a late round.