Advice on players I don't know what to do with?

I need advice. I really have a hard time dropping players for fear they might explode. (Or just be a solid bench player that someone else picks up.) What’s your opinions on some of the following guys?

Tevin Coleman
Keelan Cole
Lynn Bowden
Tutu Atwell
A.J Green
Keshuan Vaughn

Assuming this is dynasty. Vaughn and Bowden you could probably cut now (I drafted Vaughn with the 2.01 so I feel the pain here). Green and Coleman you can cut if they don’t see much usage in the early weeks. Not sure about Cole yet but Tutu is a rookie so probably just hold for two seasons.

That said you only have to drop them if you are replacing them with someone you think has a better shot. You could maybe try to package a few of them if there’s a team out there that’s desperate at RB (if that’s you I guess just keep the RBs :laughing: )