Advice on reaching

So I got 1st pick… Im taking Barkley most likely… After that Im considering taking 2 more RBs with my 2nd and 3rd pick… My question is

After my 2nd pick (Random RB)… Am I reaching to far to grab David Montgomery on the turn with my 3rd???

Im super confident in my league he will not make it back to me

If you want him take him…everything posted is projections not facts…Montgomery has a range of outcomes where he could end up a top 10 back and if that happens getting him in the 3rd is a steal…just dont lock yourself into the pick if some one else falls that should have been drafted.


Of course if I see better value somewhere else I would totally take it… But my guts saying take him if hes there over guys like Jacobs, Henry and even D.Freeman… I know it sounds crazy (Im a Falcons fan BTW)

Thanks for the reply

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If you are drafting 1st or last you almost have to reach to get the guy you want so don’t worry about it. There is so long between your picks that those guys won’t be there by the time you come back around.

I personally wouldn’t as I think there would be more valuable players there, but if he is your guy and that is your only chance of getting him than do it I guess

I think you’re fine if you feel like you have to reach on certain guys. Picking at either turn you kinda have to do that sometimes just because so many guys go off the board in between your picks.