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Advice on starting a Dynasty League

Whats up everybody!

So a few friends and i were talking about creating a dynasty league, but we dont really have any idea where to start, other than what ive read online. I figured i would ask the forum for some helpful tips or advice on starting one. My biggest question is the amount of people for a dynasty league.


Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers forum @Duncansly!

You can ultimately build a league with any amount of teams, quality over quantity, however 12-16 is the sweet spot for me.

Are you starting this now with the remaining 7 games? Or is this for next season?

Make sure rosters are deep enough would be my #1 piece of advice. Settings and all that come down to personal preference mostly. Don’t have trade vetos(unless playing for big$), have an extra weekly matchup vs the league median and use continuous FAAB waivers.

I would adjust… especially for dynasty… to do not have trade vetos (period). A dynasty league requires a good commissioner to act if there is real collusion suspected. That doesn’t mean looking at the transactions tab.

To support a good commish is a comprehensive set of bylaws. If you search the forum you should find several examples to copy, modify, and make your own.

@fun4willis definitely next season. Finding enough dedicated people right now is our problem. I appreciate the feedback.

That’s the way I have my league set up, but unfortunately if you’re playing with a bunch of people you don’t know for big $(and you’re not the commish), there’s no way I’m playing without a veto process of some sort.

Understand your viewpoint. Want to protect a high dollar “investment”.

I wouldn’t join a league if there was a veto process. Nor would I join if there were no bylaws or if the commish was no good/didn’t understand their role as a commish.

Have clear anti tanking rules. You can do something where the lowest record doesn’t automatically get the first overall pick in the rookie draft. It can be a lottery for the non playoff teams or we do the consolation round final standings determine your playoff spot.

We also make it so you lose a draft position for every inactive spot in the lineup after 1 warning. After six you are out of the league.