Advice on team and TE recommendations

QB- Mr. Rodgers + Captain Kirk
RB - Super Kamario
RB2 - James Conner
WR - Devonte ADams
WR2 - Juju
TE - Brate
DST - Philadelphia Eagles

WR: Keke, Funchess,
RB - D. Lewis, C. Clement

Standard scoring

Thinking of trading Clement for Graham but that would mean 3 packers in my starting lineup. I love the Packers but starting 3 in my lineup is a bit risky. Im 5-1 and looking to reach the playoffs for the first time.

Most TEs in my league are already picked up such as Uzomah, Hooper, Kittle and Njoku. Choices I have are Jesse James or trading for a TE. Didnt have much success trading for a top 3 te using juju… I tried trading J Conner and Funchess for Fournette and Ebron but no luck there… I do have an offer trading Clement for GRaham…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated